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Jasper McDougall has been doing intuitive readings in the Santa Cruz area for over a year. He is familiar with energy work, the tarot, and is an intuitive life coaching clients. He will focus on your relationship with the Earth, work on energy balance and can give guidance for obstacles blocking your spiritual path. 

Jasper McDougall

Angel Marie is a talented Angel reader. She calls on her spirit guides and surrounding angles to read energies for the spiritual path. Using oracle cards and crystals to connect, she is a gifted reader that can guide you forward on your spiritual path.

Angel Marie

Josh is an eleven year experienced tarot reader that worked his way through school reading for folks. He studied tarot with Dr. James Wanless, and he specializes in simplicity, directness and honesty. He provides a mindful and nonjudgemental place to breath in. Life is complicated, and he'll help you get through it with a tarot reading.

Josh of Oak & Sparrow Tarot

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