How to Use Crystals for Your Spiritual Development

Picking the Right Crystals and Their Care

How Crystals Can Benefit You

Crystals are wonderful tools for your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. They can be utilized to help balance the energy exchange that goes on with your chakras and the flow of energy through your body. They can boost your well-being. Crystals can be worn as jewelry or put in pouches to carry around in your pocket or in a purse. Often you will find you are drawn to certain crystal type at different times of your life depending on your current career and life choices.

Crystal healing is accomplished by interacting with a crystal through meditation, wearing the stone, or having it sit in a location or space. Crystals affect their surroundings, and there are many different ways to use them.

  • Meditate and see what feelings, images or sensations are felt while working with a crystal.

  • Wear the crystal as jewelry, such as a pendant or necklace, to have it interact with you during your daily activities.

  • Set it up in an area of your home to lend its energy purifying or clearing properties into the space.

  • Keep it in a pouch under your pillow or in your purse to interact with you.

No matter how you choose to use crystals, they can become a helpful part of your life. Choosing a crystal is also a main part of the process as well as clearing/programing it. I’ll go over how to clear and program your crystal or stone, and then list the selection of crystals available from Crystal Connections. Also, the crystals and stones from Crystal Connections will continue to grow as we progress. There are so many wonderful stones out there that can benefit us. The list will just keep growing.

Choosing Your Crystal

The best thing to do is see what crystal or stone calls out to you. It might feel like a tingling in your body, a zing in your third eye, or a general feeling that the stone is for you. No matter how you the crystal chooses to reach out to you, you’ll begin to get familiar with the sensations the more you work with them.

You can also have an intuitive or psychic reader recommend stones or crystals to help with areas of your life. Just ask during your personal reading, and they will be happy to let you know which stones or crystals will help you with your questions or situation.


Clearing Your Crystal or Stone

Once your stone or crystal has been selected and ordered from the Crystal Connections store, it will need to be cleared and programmed. Crystals will pick up energies and influences from their travels in the greater world before being connected with you. So, they need to be cleared, or drained, of the negative energies they might have picked up. This can be done simply by placing your crystal in a salt water bath. It can be done in a bowl by adding simple table salt. You can also use Epsom salt. Some people even will take a bath with their new crystals. It will help form a connection. You can also put it under your pillow as you sleep after it has been cleared to form a connection.

Programming the crystal is simple. You are setting the intention of what you’d like the crystal to help you with. Simply hold onto the crystal in your hands, and instruct what area of your life or situation you’d like the crystal to help with. You can say the situation or area, over and over, in your mind. Do this until you feel you’ve made a connection with the crystal. It may only be a few minutes, or possibly a whole meditation session such as twenty minutes. Let your intuition guide you.

Crystal Directory

This is a listing of the crystals and stones available at Crystal Connections. It tells of what healing qualities for each crystal.

The Many Colors of the Quartz Crystal:

Below are the different colors of quartz and their healing properties.

Amethyst (Purple) Quartz: This crystal can magnify the energy in other crystals. It is good for overall protection, and for emotional and physical balance. It is great for aiding in decision making, wealth, business success, and moving forward in life. Amethyst relieves tension and is known to enhance psychic abilities.

Citrine (Yellow) Quartz: This is a great stone to draw money and wealth. It helps with decision-making, studying, writing, creativity and new beginnings. This is a great stone to use while searching or selling houses. Builds self esteem while lending some anger management.

Clear Quartz: A great “feel better” stone. This is a great in general use crystal that can be used for any situation or area that needs charging and an energy boost. It is good for channeling any energy and can be easily programmed to focus on needs.

Rose (Pink) Quartz: This stone draws love towards its user or wearer. It magnifies creativity and is good to use in areas to affect writing, art and music creation. It has a very loving, calming affect and makes a great gift for someone healing from a physical or psychological illness. It deals with love, forgiveness, and helps develop loving relationships. This stone can help calm during times of stress or crisis.

Smoky (Black) Quartz: This stone is great for grounding during stressful situations. It will lend its energy to give you endurance, relieve fatigue, and help with depression. It helps enable you to follow your dreams through practical means.

Other Healing Stones:

Agates: This stone is great for grounding. If you need a “forever” friend, look to an agate. It instills extra strength and courage by grounding you to the Earth. An agate can help with fatigue by lending its stored energy. It can ground you and give you courage to take your own path.

Red Fire Agate: This is a highly energizing stone. If you need a boost in energy, this is the stone for you. It stabilizes your life force and gives you a jolt of energy as well. It's great at deflecting harm and returning it back to the source. It is a fantastic protection stone that will give a spark to the base chakra. 

Amber: This stone is good for aiding memory, purifying the body, mind and spirit, and bringing good luck. It’s been a preferred semi-precious stone for centuries. Good for calming and creating balance. It helps with emotional blockages.

Black Onyx: Great physical strength booster. Receives and holds energy to release when needed. A great grounding stone that can protect from negativity. This stone helps with grief and lack of self-control over a situation.

Blue Turquoise: Known as a travel protection stone, turquoise has been used traditionally by Native Americans in jewelry. It protects from accidents, and can influence you to see the beauty in everything. It is good for creativity, courage, communication, and promoting friendship. It can offer the mental clarity to see your authentic self and guide you down your spiritual path.

Carnelian: Enhances your ability to study, speak, give speeches, and inspire. It is a self-esteem enhancer, giving you courage in any situation. It helps connect you to physical power and courage and give you practical application to your ideas.

Fluorite: This is a great mind-focusing tool. Good for decision making and staying on track with life. This stone is helpful while starting to learn to meditate and help you to vibrate at the higher levels. It’s a great stone to help with the advancement of mind, concentration and while meditating. It helps with being able to focus in a stressful situation. This is a great stone for those working in the field of health care or that may face a lot of stress on the job.

Fresh Water Pearls: Brings wisdom to the wearer and focuses the mind. It has a gentle, calming affect when worn. Great for emotional control and irritability. It helps with anti-social behavior. Powerful aid when dealing with emotional destructive situations.

Garnet: This stone is known for bringing courage to any situation. It revitalizes vitality, brings abundance, and helps bring emotional balance. Because of its red color, it is associated with helping the flow of blood. It helps bring balance to chaos, lends to balance depression and emotional trauma.

Goldstone: This is a transmitter stone that directs light through you. It is helpful for mediumship. It helps with openness and being honest with yourself and your life.

Green Aventurine: This stone helps with visionary ability, intuition and your perception. It is a stone of opportunity and good luck. It has a stabilizing affect in areas it is directed.

Lapis Lazuli: This stone promotes your natural gifts. It will help you organize and bring forth your skills. Lending itself to inner wisdom, this stone is a great to pursue your dreams, psychic abilities, and aid in building relationships.

Magnesite: This stone is good for magnifying love and passion. It will ground your intellect while aiding in visualizations of your perfect path. Use for meditations to guide yourself to your authentic self.

Peridot: This is a clear seeing stone to identify ego. It helps balance mental health and healing. It offers protection from hurtful, outside influences. It helps with stress developed from anger, jealousy, and depression. It can help relieve emotional blockages. It cleanses bruised egos and hurt feelings.

Sodalite: This is a great stone to help clear mental confusion, inadequacy, and oversensitivity. It calms and helps with self esteem, helping with the communication needed to solve your personal situation. It’s great for creative expression and endurance. An aid for insomniacs and autism.

Red Coral: A wonderful protection stone for children. It brings wisdom and intuition to our child self. Helps disperse other people’s problems that are inhibiting you. This is a great stone for clairaudience (hearing messages from spirits and guides), and helping with energy flow in the body. Helps with depression and negativity. Repairs the aura after a physical trauma.

Tiger’s Eye: Encourages bravery and resilience. Helps bring emotional control over out of control situations. It helps see through hidden agendas and things that like to hide in the shadows. Many people enjoy this as a protection stone. It is a very good companion stone for scientists, accountants, and police officers.

Tourmaline: A powerful semi-precious stone used for inspiration, connections and creativity. Enhances healing ability of the body, and offers protection from physical accidents to psychic attacks. This stone focuses energy into areas where it is most needed. It is excellent for mental well being and healing.  It calms and helps restless minds. A great guide for the inner self, this stone helps connect the left and right brain and for opening psychic abilities.

NOTE: The following information is for personal information and is not to be used instead of talking and consulting a doctor. Crystal Connections is not a medically endorsed establishment, and we offer this information for a person’s own personal growth and knowledge. If you need medical or mental help, please consult a doctor.


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