About Online Store

The Manifestation of A Life Long Dream

Tiffany Turner runs our online store. She has been wire wrapping and selling crystals since 1989. She has sold at craft boutiques, Art & Wine Festivals, and Renaissance Fairs throughout Northern California. Due to the corona virus pandemic and the closure of many Renaissance fairs for the season, she has decided to take her wares online to finally fulfill her dream of creating her first online crystal store.

Wire wrapped with loving care and with the knowledge of energy workings and balancing, she makes each unique piece for all those seeking tools for their spiritual path. She is a certified reiki healer, and practiced at different psychic fairs also selling her jewelry in the 2000s. Later, she moved to Renaissance Fairs to combine her love of crystals with playing fair.

Now, she is proud to share with you the next phase of her crystal journey, the Crystal Connections Website. Thank you for being a part of this growing and expanding crystal healing community.